Time for change: How I landed on Unity’s doorstep

New career opportunities don’t happen very often. After years of working in the nonprofit sector, I found myself without a job. However instead of focusing on what I had lost, I began to explore what I had to gain. Perhaps a career on my terms was on the horizon. One with work-life balance and an opportunity to love as many minutes as possible.  My hope was to work in an environment that offered me the opportunity to write, be creative, and use my problem-solving skills.

I have always been a communicator. Just ask any of my teachers, K-12, I possess the gift of gab. I embrace a collaborative leadership style and value the dialogue that leads to new ideas and the “aha” moments. I didn’t pursue writing in college or graduate school. At least that wasn’t my intention. However, studying art made me the writer that I am today. Using the written word to explain the complexities of Rodin’s Gates of Hell or Frank Gehry’s architectural style will eventually make one a better wordsmith. Fifteen years after graduating with my M.A., I decided to return to what made me love studying the arts so much; I needed to be part of something creative and share it with others.

My biggest concern with making this professional leap was the void left from working in the nonprofit sector. I was a change agent in my community for many years, from the arts, higher education, animal welfare, to environmental causes. I was going to miss this the deep connection with those I served and collaborated with.

Fortunately for me, as I struggled with making this life change, I met Alisa Herr, Founder & CEO of Unity. It was a chance crossing of paths, but when we met it was clear we shared a lot of the same values and hopes for our community. Alisa’s vision of a digital agency working with groups and businesses making a difference gave me goose bumps.

Her focus on partnering with nonprofits and women-owned businesses fills a niche in our community that’s underserved. Unity will make a big impact and I was excited at the prospect of working with her and being part of a passionate, focused, and inspired team. In fact, my earlier reservations of leaving my nonprofit community behind was erased. Luckily for me Alisa felt similarly and we are in the second month of working side by side.

Every so often we open a new door in our lives and we don’t know exactly where it leads; I’m glad I had the courage to approach Unity’s door, and so thankful Alisa opened it wide and welcomed me in.