The Power of Three – Unity’s Latest Team Member

Our employees are truly what makes Unity a fun, creative, and inspiring place to work. Although we may be small — three employees and counting — each of us has a unique personality and talents that shape the environment we work in. The latest addition to the team, Leigh Bryant is a dedicated developer and designer determined to put her stamp on the work that we do at Unity.

Leigh’s personal philosophy is shaped by a Latin quote that roughly translates to “Gentle in what you do, firm in how you do it.”  She confidently believes that it is applicable in almost every aspect of life. One should remain firm and stand by what they believe, even in the face of adversity, but be soft and gentle and do not use anger or aggression to achieve your goals. It’s such a part of her, she had the Latin translation turned into a tattoo!

This philosophy really comes through when you learn about Leigh’s journey to Unity.

An avid artist her whole life, Leigh has an undergraduate degree in fine arts from East Carolina University. There she discovered her love of mixed media and textile art through exploration of natural dyes, screen-printing, and weaving. Using her strong art background, Leigh wanted to delve into the world of tech and become a designer and developer.

As you can imagine, she is one tough cookie who is determined to get from point A to point B with purpose. Like many in the field, Leigh taught herself CSS and HTML. However, the next steps would prove to be a much harder path. A year ago, Leigh signed up at The Iron Yard and began formal training as a web developer. She readily admits it was one of the hardest things she ever has done. The coursework was intimidating and grueling, and she even questioned jumping feet first into this challenging experience.

Sacrificing her personal life, Leigh remained dedicated and channeled all her time and energy into becoming a developer. Her strong conviction to become a developer motivated her to graduate with new skills and a renewed passion. If you ask her now if the experience was worth it, she answers with a resounding yes. Working at Unity has made her realize that all the late nights and worries were well worth it.

Although Leigh is seriously dedicated to her craft, we cannot let you think that she’s all work and no play.

Roller derby is something that Leigh has always wanted to do and now it’s finally happening! She is both terrified and incredibly excited, and we love hearing all about her antics at the office. She recently described herself as a “baby giraffe on skates” when describing the learning process. Have we mentioned she is hilarious?

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Leigh at Unity. So far she has contributed greatly to the team and we look forward to leveraging her diverse background to make exciting new things, solve problems, and contribute to the community. At Unity, we often talk about the power of three, and we believe that with Leigh joining us as the third employee, we are more powerful than ever.