Why we provide free web hosting

We are often asked why our eco-friendly web hosting is free. The main reason is because we don’t want it to be a burden for any of our clients to choose to “go green.” We believe that by providing free…

Creative Spotlight: Clean Air Carolina

The Movers and Shakers Founded in 2003 by a group of passionate volunteers determined to improve the quality of Mecklenburg County’s air, Clean Air Carolina now champions a statewide initiative to raise North Carolina’s air quality to exceed that of…

Why Unity is an Open Source Agency

Open source is more than just a tech buzzword. It’s a philosophy by which we operate at Unity and by which I personally try to live. I believe that when we embrace the five principles of open source, we act…

Web Accessibility for Everyone

We all have different roles in building the web. Marketing pros aim to get a succinct message to their target audience. Web designers create designs that are beautiful, distinctive, and functional. Web developers build code that is functional and robust. …

Playing our part and giving back

For the past two years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with PORCH Durham as a delivery person to school food pantries. PORCH Durham is a community-based nonprofit that supports the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s school pantries and Backpack Buddies…

Storytelling with data: What you must understand about your readers

We all have stories to tell. Whether it’s why your mission matters, why your business is better than your competition, how you got to where you are today, or about the latest political kerfuffle, data makes any story more engaging. And engagement is the name of the game.

Understanding your readers is the first step in writing a successful story. Without readers, you're just screaming into an echo chamber. Your message is going nowhere.

Why you should love your design agency

"Graphic design is not a commodity. It is the highly individualized result of people coming together to do something they couldn’t do alone." — AIGA

Design is a collaborative process, one that involves many hours working as a team with a variety of different people. The beauty of it lies in each team member's strengths building upon each other and creating a final product bigger than any one person.

You want to love your website's design, right? That's not going to happen if you hate the process.