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The Power of Three – Unity’s Latest Team Member

Our employees are truly what makes Unity a fun, creative, and inspiring place to work. Although we may be small — three employees and counting — each of us has a unique personality and talents that shape the environment we work in. The latest addition to the team, Leigh Bryant is a dedicated developer and … Continued

B Corporations, Being a Force for Good

What are B Corps? When you hear the company names Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy, Patagonia, Warby Parker, and King Arthur Flour, you might struggle to identify what they have in common. Here is a hint: their focus extends beyond just products and services, profit and loss. These companies — and more than 2,200 others around … Continued

The Easiest Way to Declutter Your Inbox

I have a confession to make: I haven’t deleted any email for at least 13 years. My first Gmail account was back in the early days when you had to get an invite to sign up for the service. Since then, I’ve had 4 or 5 different Gmail addresses because they’re just so easy to … Continued

Our Picks – The Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Beautiful photography and quality images are essential to creating great websites and captivating print materials. However, we see some pretty awful stock images all over the place. Just because the image is high resolution, doesn’t mean it is high quality. Great photographs tell a story and engage the viewer through subject matter, composition, and lighting. … Continued

Creative Spotlight: Clean Air Carolina

The Movers and Shakers Founded in 2003 by a group of passionate volunteers determined to improve the quality of Mecklenburg County’s air, Clean Air Carolina now champions a statewide initiative to raise North Carolina’s air quality to exceed that of scientific recommendations. Their mission is to ensure cleaner air quality for all North Carolinians through … Continued

Four Surprising Benefits of Keeping Your Website Updated

Get more return visitors If you want your audience to keep coming back, you must keep your content current. Fresh copy keeps visitors connected and drawn to your services and products. Remaining prominent among the competition requires time and dedication to the written word and attention to dynamic graphics and videos. When you prepare content … Continued

How to Choose a Web Designer, The Hard Questions

Your website is your business’ or organization’s face to the world — it should be a place where you educate, story tell, engage, sell, and introduce yourself. Is your current website achieving these objectives? There are many signs that it’s time for a transformation: your site isn’t mobile friendly, you have a high bounce rate, … Continued

Why Unity is an Open Source Agency

Open source is more than just a tech buzzword. It’s a philosophy by which we operate at Unity and by which I personally try to live. I believe that when we embrace the five principles of open source, we act with integrity, clarity, and equity. And in so doing, we contribute to a better world. … Continued

Creative Spotlight: The Rural Center’s 2016 Story

This spring, Unity Digital Agency was approached by the North Carolina Rural Center to design and help craft their annual report. The Rural Center publishes its annual Impacts Report providing a summary of the year’s programs, accomplishments, outcomes, and partnerships that affect rural North Carolina. We combined thoughtful storytelling and informative graphics to create an engaging and … Continued

The Power of a Meme

Success Kid … Be Like Bill … Dancing Baby We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s world of social media and online marketing this rings true more than ever! The use of humor through memes can bring attention to your product and increase your reach through viral marketing and … Continued