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We build websites for nonprofits, women owned businesses, and small businesses dedicated to serving the common good.

Unity is different from other digital agencies and that is reflected in our unique approach to making websites. We know how challenging it is to budget for quality digital marketing, especially with bootstrapped budgets or limited capital. That is why we have developed a transparent modular project development schedule that may be completed in phases and is priced to fit.

Discovery Phase

First, Unity works directly with clients to determine the primary objectives of the project. We then come up with discrete tasks that must be completed to meet the objectives. Projects are deconstructed and composed of smaller, prioritized modules — targeted to meet objectives.

You then set a “velocity,” a monthly budget that you are comfortable with — which determines the speed at which each module is completed in the next phase. We also set a NTE (not to exceed) cost for each individual module. You never pay for time that is not used.


  • A complete content audit
  • Proposed information hierarchy
  • Strategic wireframes
  • Roadmap of the development for your new website

Implementation Phase

With a clear plan for the project, target objectives, and an established timeline, we are ready to put the pedal to the metal. The velocity decided in the discovery phase determines the percentage of our time each month devoted solely to your project.

At Unity, we work together every step of the way. Designs aren’t made in a silo. Responsive prototypes are built and refined through a cycle of continuous feedback and development.

Your website will be developed using a custom built WordPress content management system. Human-centered design means that both your audience has a good experience visiting your website and your team enjoys the ease of managing the content of your website. Unity follows best practices for web accessibility to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to your website.


A custom WordPress website built on a solid foundation of research, good design principles, and best practices in coding, targeted to meet your organization’s objectives.